Sunday, May 24

Your Monthly Dose of Yorkie Cuteness!

Isn't Miss Tia Sophia pretty? She's getting a little shaggy, we're overdue for a little yorkie spa day! Hopefully we can get to that next week.

Ok I'm off to go get ready for our get together tonight.  We're having hot dogs and burgers on the grill but I'm also making:

-Pina Coladas
-Pineapple Mojito Jello Shots
- A Mango Chutney Cheeseball
- Bruschetta
- Tomato and Bacon Cups
- AND a festive Candy Cake

Super Easy! Now lets just hope it stops raining...


  1. please please please share your recipe for the mango chutney cheese balls! those sound delicious!

  2. Oh my gosh the Mango Chutney Cheeseball was AMAZING. I'll be posting about that in just a few days!