Friday, May 22

A Sneak Peek...

At the flowers I've been working on for my Course 2 final cake! Of course I won't need all the zillions of flowers I've made this week for this one cake, but royal icing decorations will keep for a month or two!

These pink Apple Blossoms are cute!

But these Pansies are my absolute favorite!  The  plastic trays they sit on come in the Course 2 Student Kit.  They're supposed to make the flowers dry with a slight curve shape and look more realistic.  Whatever :)


  1. Those little apple blossoms gave me a little nostalgic throwback to when I was a little girl. My grandma used to make hundreds of them, and have them on little pieces of waxed paper, like you did. I used to sneak them when she wasn't looking, and throw the paper away so she wouldn't know (but I'm sure she did!!!)

  2. Ha! My grandmother used to feed me "natural peanut butter" sandwiches as a kid. I was appalled and threw those in the trash, not at all the same, lol. But I'm sure my grandmother knew too :o)

    Glad the apple blossoms brought back fun memories!